Folklore Dance Ensemble "Sredetz" possesses quite vast collection of awards earned by its performances on national and international festival stages. "Sredetz" was awarded with the most prestigious awards in Bulgaria for its high artistic achievements and the rich concert activity such as:

  • Order of "Republic of Bulgaria" First class;
  • Order "St. St. Cyril and Methodius" First and Second class;
  • Order of Honor of Sofia;
  • Golden Badge of the Bulgarian Labor - unions;
  • Special awards of the Ministry of Culture of Bulgaria;
  • Golden Medals and awards won from First to Seventh Republican Festivals;

Folklore Dance Ensemble "Sredetz" is bearer of the prestigious international awards such as:

  • Golden Necklace - Dijon - France;
  • Golden Axe - Zakopane - Poland;
  • Golden Medal - Carthage - Tunisia - 21 participating ensembles;
  • Special Award from the ІХ World Youth Festival - Sofia;
  • Golden Medal and award from the Х World Youth Festival - Leipzig - Germany;
  • First Place Award from International Folklore Festival - Tulcea - Romania - 19 participating ensembles nine of them professional;

Folklore Dance Ensemble "Sredetz", altogether with its Leader Mr. Marin Marinov are bearers of Golden Statuette of the "Phenomena" Association.