From 1957 to the end of his life, Dimitar Dimitrov was director of Ensemble "Sredets" - under the patronage of Sofia Municipality. For many years of very active and creative life Dimitar Dimitrov had bring to life masterpieces of Bulgarian dance culture and has contributed greatly to the development of choreographic arts in Bulgaria.

Among his most famous productions are "Shopska suita", "Po grozdober", "Pirinska mladost", "Trakiiska nazdravica", "Roussalin", "Proletni igri / Komichane, Blagovec,Gergiovden /", "Nedelski igri ", "Granchari", "Miziiski tanc", "Ognena krasavica", "Prabalgari – v nachaloto", "Pomoriiski tanci", "Belogradchishka suita" - the choreography to the movie" Boris I and many others.

Most of these dances are now in the repertoire of many professional and amateur ensembles.

Dimitar Dimitrov has won several awards, among them - gold medals at I, II, III and IVth republican festivals and also IXth and Xth World Youth Festivals. He was honored with the title "People's Artist". Under his leadership, ensemble "Sredits" and Dimitar Dimitrov himself have won numerous national and international awards and honors. Particularly valuable is the recognition achieved at the International Folklore Festival in the city of Dijon France, where Bulgarian ensemble won for the first time the highest award "Golden Necklace". With the "Shopska suite on the IX International Festival of Youth and Students the ensemble is ranked the first place and wins the special award "Orpheus" for best performance. The ensemble won the "Golden Axe" at the prestigious Festival in Zakopane Poland.

Dimitar Dimitrov is bearer of many state awards and recognitions. He has been given the title "People artist", the highest distinction at the time for contribution to the national art treasure.

During the years of 1965 and 1966 he is a chief choreographer of the state ensemble "Pirin" in the city of Blagoevgrad.

He is a senior consultant in "Ensemble for Folk Songs and Dances" in the town of Pleven and also a head of dance ensemble "Kremikovtzi" in Kremikovtzi and ensemble "Dunav" in the town of Vidin.

Dimitar Dimitrov was a professor at the State Choreographic School from 1969 and from 1980 to 1991 he was a deputy director of the same. As a pedagogue and teacher he has left behind him an entire generation of dancers and choreographers who continue his ideas for the development of our national dance.