Folklore Dance Ensemble "Sredetz" is the oldest nonprofessional folklore dance formation in Bulgaria. The ensemble was founded in the beginning of 1937 in Sofia by a group of enthusiastic young people under the leadership of Jordan Sokolov, patronized by Sofia Municipality. After Jordan Sokolov the ensemble was led by Prof. Cyril Djenev.

In the early 50-ties of the past century, Dimitar Dimitrov became leader of the Folklore Dance Ensemble "Sredetz". Mr. Dimitrov is the person who has contributed most for the exceptional achievements of the ensemble. He led the ensemble with passion, love, devotion and exceptional professionalism. After Dimitar Dimitrov the ensemble was taken over by his deputy Marin Marinov who is leading the Ensemble up to now.

Mr. Marinov has been a leader of the Ensemble more then seventeen years. He succeeded in leading and preserving the ensemble in the years when many nonprofessional folklore ensembles ceased to exist. For the years of its long existence Folklore Dance Ensemble "Sredetz" earned the reputation of one of the best folklore formations in Bulgaria. In its lifetime which spans more than 70 years, the ensemble has become a standard for a proper and high artistic interpretation of the Bulgarian music and folklore dance, of Bulgarian customs and traditions.

The performance of the ensemble can be distinguished by exceptional purity and stile, emotion and genuine artistic mastery. It reveals the national character and the beauty of the Bulgarian folklore dance. Dances such as "Shopska Suite", "Trakiiska Nazdravitza" (Tracian Toast), "Nedelski Igri" (Nedlski Games), "Gergiovden" (St. Georges’ Day), "Pirinska Mladost" (The Youth of Pirin), "Lazarki", "Ludi Mladi" (Young and Wild), "Kukli" (Dolls) are examples of the wealth, diversity and picturesque of the Bulgarian folklore. These dances are the logo of the ensemble and are performed by generations of dancers.

Through all this years, Folklore Dance Ensemble "Sredetz" has been very active at the domestic and international stages by performing there with quite vast concert activity. The formation performed in countries on three Continents. As more distinguished concerts can be defined the concerts in: Canada, South Korea, Tunisia, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Algeria, Israel, Turkey, France, Greece, Germany, Romania, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Luxemburg, Russia, Slovakia, Serbia, Monte Negro, Check Republic, Sweden, Switzerland, Hungary, Poland. Folklore Dance Ensemble "Sredetz" was the folklore dance ensemble given the honor to representing Bulgaria on four World Exhibitions in Canada, Spain, South Korea and Germany.

Folklore Dance Ensemble "Sredetz" participated also in two consecutive editions of October Fest in Munich with the support of Sofia Municipality.